VA, VB, VC  

Recessed luminaires for mounting into ceiling grids and plasterboards. Body made of steel sheet finished with powder coat RAL 9003 Luminaires are possible to assemble with three types of louvres.

Standard version is for modul 600×600, luminaires for modul 625×625 and into plasterboards is necessary to specify in order.

 Catalog sheet

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
VM 118 VA/VB/VC 1x18T8200595902,9
VM 136 VA/VB/VC 1x36T82001195903,0
VM 158 VA/VB/VC 1x58T82001495903,9
VM 218 VA/VB/VC 2x18T8295595903,0
VM 236 VA/VB/VC 2x36T82951195905,0
VM 258 VA/VB/VC 2x58T82951495906,3
VM 318 VA/VB/VC 3x18T8595595805,0
VM 336 VA/VB/VC 3x36T85951195909,1
VM 358 VA/VB/VC 3x58T859514959010,6
VM 418 VA/VB/VC 4x18T8595595805,0
VM 436 VA/VB/VC 4x36T85951195909,8
VM 458 VA/VB/VC 4x58T859514959012,3