Recessed luminaires for mounting into ceiling grids and plasterboards. Body made of steel sheet finished with powder coat RAL 9003.

Type of luminaire:
type VIN B parabolic louvre and full cover made of steel sheet (type 1) or parabolic louvre and perforated steel cover (type 2).

Standard version is for modul 600×600, luminaires for modul 625×625 and into plasterboards is necessary to specify in order.

 Catalog sheet

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C
VM 236 VIN B 2x36 + 14TC-L, T5595595100
VM 240 VIN B 2x40 + 14TC-L, T5595595100
VM 255 VIN B 2x55 + 14TC-L, T5595595100