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Body of luminaire made of aluminium profile in versions like: Z - suspended, N - wall mounted, P - surface mounted or V - recessed. Luminaires are possible to connect to the series with joints.


EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
VM 114 AP1 1x14T560062901,5
VM 121 AP1 1x21T590062802,0
VM 124 AP1 1x24T560062901,5
VM 128 AP1 1x28T5120062802,5
VM 135 AP1 1x35T5150062902,9
VM 139 AP1 1x39T590062802,0
VM 149 AP1 1x49T5150062902,9
VM 154 AP1 1x54T5120062902,5
VM 180 AP1 1x80T5150062902,9