PA, PB, PC  

Surface mounted lighting fittings are designed for mounting on fixed ceilings. They can also be suspended on wire or pipe pendants. Body of luminaire is made of steel sheet with powder coat RAL 9003. Luminaires are possible to equip with three types of optic louvres.

 Catalog sheet

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
VM 118 PA/PB/PC 1x18T8652195652,2
VM 136 PA/PB/PC 1x36T81262195654,2
VM 158 PA/PB/PC 1x58T81562195655,3
VM 218 PA/PB/PC 2x18T8652165653,0
VM 236 PA/PB/PC 2x36T81262265654,9
VM 258 PA/PB/PC 2x58T81562265657,2
VM 318 PA/PB/PC 3x18T8652458654,6
VM 336 PA/PB/PC 2x36T81262458657,8
VM 358 PA/PB/PC 3x58T815624586512,2
VM 418 PA/PB/PC 4x18T8652458655,0
VM 436 PA/PB/PC 4x36T81262458658,6
VM 458 PA/PB/PC 4x58T815624586512,6