Body of luminaire made of white polycarbonate with the steel sheet gear tray for placing components. Opal acrylic diffuser with sealing rubber.

LK - ø 385 mm

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EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
VM 113 LK 1x13TC3853651451,5
VM 118 LK 1x18TC3853651451,5
VM 126 LK 1x26TC3853651451,5
VM 1E27 LK 1x60TA3853651451,0
VM 213 LK 2x13TC3853651451,9
VM 218 LK 2x18TC3851651451,9
VM 226 LK 2x26TC3853651451,9
VM 2E27 LK 2x60TA3853651451,2