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Body of luminaire made of white polycarbonate with the steel sheet gear tray for placing components. Opal acrylic diffuser with sealing rubber.

LK - ø 385 mm

 Datasheet LDT data

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
1 VM 113 LK 1x13TC3853651451,2
2 VM 118 LK 1x18TC3853651451,2
3 VM 126 LK 1x26TC3853651451,2
4 VM 1E27 LK 1x60TA3853651451,2
5 VM 213 LK 2x13TC3853651451,2
6 VM 218 LK 2x18TC3851651451,2
7 VM 226 LK 2x26TC3853651451,2
8 VM 2E27 LK 2x60TA3853651451,0