Recessed luminaires for mounting into ceiling grids. Body made of steel sheet finished with powder coat RAL 9003. Luminaire´s optics made of parabolic louvre and thermal, shock resistant tempered glass in aluminium profile with polyurehtan sealing gasket in coverin IP 54 and IP 65.

 Catalog sheet

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
VM 214 VP2 2x14T52955951105,8
VM 218 VP2 2x18T82955951105,9
VM 224 VP2 2x24T52955951105,8
VM 228 VP2 2x28T5295119511010,6
VM 235 VP2 2x35T5295149511013,9
VM 236 VP2 2x36T8295119511010,9
VM 249 VP2 2x49T5295149511013,9
VM 254 VP2 2x54T5295119511010,6
VM 255 VP2 2x55TC-L59559511010,5
VM 258 VP2 2x58T8295149511013,9
VM 280 VP2 2x80T5295149511013,9
VM 314 VP2 3x14T559559511010,3
VM 318 VP2 3x18T859559511010,9
VM 324 VP2 3x24T559559511010,3
VM 328 VP2 3x28T5595119511018,9
VM 335 VP2 3x35T5595149511020,8
VM 336 VP2 3x36T8595119511020,8
VM 336 VP2 3x36TC-L59559511010,5
VM 349 VP2 3x49T5595149511020,8
VM 354 VP2 3x54T5595119511018,9
VM 355 VP2 3x55TC-L59559511010,5
VM 380 VP2 3x80T5595149511020,8
VM 414 VP2 4x14T559559511010,6
VM 418 VP2 4x18T859559511010,9
VM 424 VP2 4x24T559559511010,6
VM 428 VP2 4x28T5595119511019,4
VM 435 VP2 4x35T5595149511021,0
VM 436 VP2 4x36T8595119511020,8
VM 449 VP2 4x49T5595149511021,0
VM 454 VP2 4x54T5595119511019,4
VM 480 VP2 4x80T5595149511021,0