Housing is mafe of white powder coated steel sheet. Corrosion, wetness and contamination proof design. Easily integrated with existing surroundings. Without external fast-release locks. Diffuser made of PMMA.

MO - opal PMMA diffuser
MM - prismatic diffuser

 Catalog sheet

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C D kg
VM 114 MO 1x14T5650105874602,2
VM 118 MO EP 1x18T8650105874602,2
VM 124 MO 1x24T5650105874602,2
VM 128 MO 1x28T51260105879003,1
VM 135 MO 1x35T515601058712003,9
VM 136 MO EP 1x36T81260105879003,1
VM 149 MO 1x49T515601058712003,9
VM 154 MO 1x54T51260105879003,1
VM 158 MO EP 1x58T815601058712003,9
VM 180 MO 1x80T515601058712003,9
VM 214 MO 2x14T5650190874452,7
VM 218 MO EP 2x18T8650190874452,7
VM 224 MO 2x24T5650190874452,7
VM 228 MO 2x28T51260190879004,9
VM 235 MO 2x35T515601908712006,1
VM 236 MO EP 2x36T81260190879004,9
VM 249 MO 2x49T515601908712006,1
VM 254 MO 2x54T51260190879004,9
VM 258 MO EP 2x58T815601908712006,1
VM 280 MO 2x80T515601908712006,1