Body of luminaire made of glass fibre reinforced polyester grey colour. Lamp holders are equipped with topcoat matrix with rubber sealing. On request is possible to supply with: reflector (white powdered, aluminium), narrow beam reflector (white powdered, aluminium), protective tubes, adjustable parabolic reflector.

 Catalog sheet

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C D kg
VM 114 H 1x14T5661651153201,1
VM 118 H EP 1x18T8661651153201,3
VM 124 H 1x24T5661651153201,1
VM 128 H 1x28T51271651159001,4
VM 135 H 1x35T51571651159001,9
VM 136 H EP 1x36T81271651159001,9
VM 149 H 1x49T51571651159001,9
VM 154 H 1x54T51271651159001,4
VM 158 H EP 1x58T81571651159002,3
VM 180 H 1x80T515711171159001,9
VM 214 H 2x14T56611171153201,2
VM 218 H EP 2x18T86611171159002,6
VM 224 H 2x24T56611171153201,2
VM 228 H 2x28T512711171159001,5
VM 235 H 2x35T515711171159001,5
VM 236 H EP 2x36T812711171159002,6
VM 249 H 2x49T515711171159001,5
VM 254 H 2x54T512711171159001,5
VM 258 H EP 2x58T815711171159003,3
VM 280 H 2x80T515711171159001,5