Body made of steel sheet finished with powder coating RAL 9003. Aluminium anodized polished reflector forms optics of luminaire. Optic part of luminaire is covered with hardened heat resistant glass 5 mm thickness with silicon rubber sealing gasket. Electrical components are assembled on separate gear tray fitted with screws inside of luminaire.

VK - symetrical photometric distribution.

Luminaire is possible to prepare as ceiling mounted or recessed with transitional frame and fixing holders.

 Catalog sheet LDT data

EP  LDT data 
LDTTypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
1 VM 100 EVK 100ENDURA5953001909,0
2 VM 150 EVK 150ENDURA5953001909,0
3 VM 150 VK 150HI, HS5953001909,8
4 VM 200 VK 200HI5953001909,8
5 VM 225-Ra>90 VK 225HI59530019010,2
6 VM 250 VK 250HI, HS59530019010,2
7 VM 350 VK 350HI59530019010,2
8 VM 365-Ra>90 VK 365HI59530019011,0
9 VM 400 VK 400HI, HS59529219011,0
10 VM 70 EVK 70ENDURA5953001909,0