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Die casting aluminium housing and frame finished with epoxy powder paint black colour. Integral control gear - ballast mounted on the removable gear tray. Optics made of aluminium reflector finished with anodization. Thermal, shock resistant tempered glass in a hinged die cast aluminium frame with stainless steel clips and silicon rubber sealing gasket.

VE - symetrical photometric distribution

Accessories: protective guard, screening slide

 Datasheet LDT data

EP  LDT data 
Type Wattage Light sourceABCkgLDT
VM 100 VE 100 WHI, HS4404251557,51
VM 150 VE 150 WHI, HS4404251557,5 2
VM 225-Ra>90 VE 225 WHI4404251557,53
VM 250 VE 250 WHI, HS4404251557,5 4
VM 365-Ra>90 VE 365 WHI4404251557,55
VM 400 VE 400 WHI, HS4404251557,5 6
VM 70 VE 70 WHI, HS4404251557,5 7