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Industrial fluorescent lamp made of stainless steel up to + 60 ° C.


EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B C kg
VM 136 SNT 36T81305195904,6
VM 149 SNT EP 49T5R1605195904,4
VM 154 SNT EP 54T51305195904,0
VM 158 SNT 58T81605195904,9
VM 236 SNT 2x36T81305195904,8
VM 249 SNT EP 2x49T51605195904,6
VM 254 SNT EP 2x54T51305195904,2
VM 258 SNT 2x58T81605195905,2
VM 280 SNT EP 2x80T51605195904,6