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Recessed luminaire for mounting into ceiling grids. Driver is placed separatelly, connected with luminaire. COB light source in reflector. Luminaire is equipped with electronics and diodes from renowned manufactures.

Body: made of aluminium cast RAL 9003

Optic: tempered glass 

Color tolerance: 3 Mac Adam (3SDCM)
 Catalog sheet LDT data Declaration of Conformity

Luminous flux (lm) DALI  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W)Luminous flux (lm) CCT UGR A B kg
1 VML 114 D4 14 1338 3K / 4K / 5K17,41861302,0
2 VML 120 D4 20 1856 3K / 4K / 5K18,51861302,0
3 VML 128 D4 28 2505 3K / 4K / 5K19,61861302,0