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Die cast aluminium housing with powder paint finish. High reflectance aluminium reflector anodised finished. Optical part is supplied without or including 5 mm thickness hardened glass protection with sealing gasket and stainless steel clips.

 Datasheet LDT data

EP  LDT data 
TypeWattage (W) Light source A B kg
1 VM 150 VH1 150HI, HS5804807,5
2 VM 200 VH1 200HI5804809,2
3 VM 225-Ra>90 VH1 225HI5804809,2
4 VM 250 VH1 250HI, HS5804809,2
5 VM 350 VH1 350HI5804809,8
6 VM 365-Ra>90 VH1 365HI5804809,8
7 VM 400 VH1 400HI, HS5804809,8