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Surface mounted lighting fitting is designed for mounting on fixed ceilings. It can also be suspended on wire or pipe pendants. Body of luminaire is made of steel sheet with powder coat RAL 9003. Optics made of asymetric aluminium reflector.


EP  LDT data 
Type Wattage Light sourceABCkgLDT
VM 128 PAS 1x28 WT51262197903,4 1
VM 135 PAS 1x35 WT51562197903,8 2
VM 136 PAS 1x36 WT81262197703,4 3
VM 136 PAS EP 1x36 WT81262197703,44
VM 149 PAS 1x49 WT51562197903,8 5
VM 154 PAS 1x54 WT51262197903,4 6
VM 158 PAS 1x58 WT81562197903,8 7
VM 158 PAS EP 1x58 WT81562197903,88
VM 180 PAS 1x80 WT51562197903,8 9