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   PK, PK AS  

Suspended and surface mounted lighting fittings are designed for ilumination of industrial halls. Body of luminaire is made of steel sheet with powder coat RAL 9003. Luminaire is assembled with high polished aluminium reflector. Electronic ballast is placed on upper side of luminaire in control gear box.


EP  LDT data 
Type Wattage Light sourceABCDkgLDT
VM 249 PK 2x49 WT51562262801158,0 1
VM 249 PK AS 2x49 WT51562262801158,0 2
VM 254 PK 2x54 WT51262262801155,0 3
VM 254 PK AS 2x54 WT51262262801155,0 4
VM 280 PK 2x80 WT51562262801158,0 5
VM 280 PK AS 2x80 WT51562262801158,0 6
VM 449 PK 4x49 WT51562483801158,5 7
VM 449 PK AS 4x49 WT51562483801158,5 8
VM 454 PK 4x54 WT51262483801157,0 9
VM 454 PK AS 4x54 WT51262483801157,0 10
VM 480 PK 4x80 WT51562483801159,0 11
VM 480 PK AS 4x80 WT51562483801159,0 12
VM 654 PK 6x54 WT51262483801157,8 13
VM 654 PK AS 6x54 WT51262483801157,8 14
VM 680 PK 6x80 WT51562483801159,5 15
VM 680 PK AS 6x80 WT51562483801159,5 16