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   FL AS/FL RS  

The ignitor is placed in the luminaire. Driver part carrying the electrical components is placed separately and connected to the lamp with cable. Wiring 230 (1000 W), 400V (2000 W), 50Hz is done with braided silicone cables, 3P terminal. The luminaire is equipped with grommet M20, IP68.

Body of luminaire: die-cast aluminum painted in grey color

Optical part: embossed aluminum sheet (Type FLAS), aluminium reflector (Type FLRS) and tempered glass cover IK10, fastened with metal clamps to the body of the luminaire.

FLAS - asymmetric reflector
FLRS - rotationally symmetric reflector


EP  LDT data 
Type Wattage Light sourceABCkg
VM 1000 FLAS 10,3A 230V 1000 WE40, HPS65256029319,0
VM 1000 FLAS 8,2A 230V 1000 WE40, MH65256029319,0
VM 1000 FLAS 9,5A 230V 1000 WE40, MH65256029319,0
VM 1000 FLRS 10,3A 400V 1000 WK12, MH65256029319,0
VM 2000 FLAS 8,8A 400V 2000 WE40, MH65256029320,0
VM 2000 FLRS 4,4A 400V 2000 WMH, Rx7s65256029320,0