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Surface mounted lighting fittings are designed for mounting on fixed ceilings. They can also be suspended on wire or pipe pendants. Body of luminaire is made of steel sheet with powder coat RAL 9003. Optics made of parabolic   associated parabolic louvre

 Datasheet LDT data

Type Wattage Light sourceABCkgLDT
VM 221 PTS 2x21 WT5899183553,3 1
VM 228 PTS 2x28 WT51199183553,5 2
VM 235 PTS 2x35 WT51499183554,0 3
VM 239 PTS 2x39 WT5899183553,3 4
VM 249 PTS 2x49 WT51499183554,0 5
VM 254 PTS 2x54 WT51199183553,5 6
VM 280 PTS 2x80 WT51499183554,0 7